Making (of) movies

meteoblue now animates the Global Satellite: seamless movie of our unique global satellite composite in 15 minutes steps - for 3 hours, extending to a full 24-hour day.

In 2019, we launched our first global satellite composite. In 2020, we combined it with radar. Now, we have made our satellite composite into a unique movie with unique features:

  • 15 minute timesteps for the entire Earth ;
  • almost seamless transition from day to night;
  • seamless zoom from global view to almost street view;
  • seamless animation ;
  • display of past 3 hours for free;
  • display of past 24 hours with a subscription of point+ ;

The animation is started in the timeline at the bottom right, with a click on the symbol ►

With this animation, we enable our users to see unique displays of cloud development and movement, of major weather events like storms and even air pollution and volcano ash trails, and thereby set another global standard for weather display. 

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