Photo Contest «Capturing Climate Change»

After the positive reception of our previous photo competition, we are excited to announce its return – this year focusing on climate change.

Earth Overshoot Day, announced annually on June 5 signifies a date in the calendar when humanity's consumption surpasses the Earth's capacity to regenerate resources within the year. In 2023, this day fell on August 2, indicating we consumed a year's worth of resources by this date and subsequently relied on deficit spending. The tendency towards earlier and earlier dates each year not only highlights the urgent need for action – it also serves as a poignant backdrop for our photo contest.

This year, as a reminder of the Earth Overshoot day, we are therefore asking our community to share their climate change experiences through photography. The images can showcase a vast variety of motifs, from extreme weather events to changes in landscapes and air quality, to biodiversity, to (un)sustainability in urban architecture – it is up to you to unleash your creativity. Our aim is to foster public awareness, and encourage action in environmental preservation.

The top three photographers will be awarded a year-long subscription to our premium weather service point+, and their work will be displayed on our website and social media. With the location and date of the photo, we can also research the associated weather conditions.

Intrigued? Send your telling climate change images with the location and date of the photo to [email protected] between May 27th and June 9, 2024. We are eagerly anticipating your entries!

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