Soundings with top precision in Central Europe

Our Soundings and unique Stueve diagrams for Central Europe are now based on ICON-D2, the highest resolution numerical model available for the region.

For expert users, such as pilots, paragliders, meteorologists, the Soundings and Stueve are key information sources about the conditions in the atmosphere, and enable better and safer decision about flights, weather extremes and general weather advice.

Thanks to the open data policy and excellent ICON-D2 Model of the DWD, and a masterpiece of our programmers, ICON-D2 is now built into the Sounding and Stueve diagrams, for large parts of Europe - an area from Aberdeen (Scotland) to almost Mostar (Croatia), and covering the larger parts of England, France, Czechia, Slovenia, and parts of several other countries.

The ICON-D2 forecast covers the first 1-48 hours ahead, and Soundings then switch to NEMS4 (or other models, if outside of Central Europe) after approx. 48 hours, so that they are always available for 7 days ahead. The change is clearly recognizable from the model identification in the title line of the graphic, as illustrated by the two figures below (the first one was plotted with the model ICON-D2, the second one is based on our model NEMS4).

We thank the German Weather Service (DWD) for the availability of the data, and our customers for their interest and their possible feedback.

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