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Поверителност: да! Защо тогава бисквитки? Просто защото те помагат за персонализиране на нашите услуги за Вас

  • , като намаляват необходимите кликвания
  • , показват само това, което искате
  • , предлагат само специализирана реклама
  • ] и ни помагат да финансираме висококачествена, безплатна, прецизна метеорологична услуга.

Кликнете върху „Приеми и продължи“, за да приемете всички бисквитки или кликнете по-долу, за да промените настройките си за бисквитки.
Можете да промените или оттеглите съгласието си по всяко време. Повече информация .


meteoblue participating at PRIMET

meteoblue CEO appointed to the Board of PRIMET at the AGM in Budapest, 04.09.2018, to promote a cooperative approach of public and private partnership in meteorology.

Meanwhile a Swiss service provider with international recognition and customer base, meteoblue has joined PRIMET, the pan European Trade Association for private meteorological service providers, which promotes a fair trading environment between the public and private sector in meteorology and its related disciplines.


At the PRIMET AGM (Annual General Meeting) 2018 during the EMS Conference 2018 in Budapest on 04.09.2018, meteoblue CEO Dr. Karl G. Gutbrod was appointed as member of the board of PRIMET.


Representing a range of innovative, growing, global service providers, we support the further establishment of open government data, data and service standardisation, as well as a cooperative approach between national and private services. We are convinced and have plenty of evidence that the Public- Private Partnership creates major and unique benefits for all stakeholders, including the public and ultimately the countries involved, and that the Global Weather Enterprise will unleash further benefits to society by deepening this relationship.

meteoblue greatly appreciates the trust placed in our participation and encourages all stakeholders to support PRIMET in the further development of the Global Weather Enterprise.

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