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New air quality weather maps

The meteoblue weather maps are enriched by new air quality weather maps. These new maps and some already existing maps are grouped into the new category "air quality". Included are maps for pollen distribution, ozone and desert dust concentration as well as the air quality index and other indices.

​meteoblue publishes App for Android

From today on, meteoblue offers an App for Android. Get a quick and intuitive look at our weather forecasts and exclusive features like our new, interactive weather maps.

NEW: Distribution of precipitation

To better illustrate the daily distribution of precipitation, meteoblue now offers the „precipitation hourly“ diagram in the 7-day forecast on the home page. The bar shows the precipitation amount for every hour of the day. The background colors indicate the precipitation probability. The darker the blue, the higher the probability. Hover with the mouse over the bar to see more details.

meteoblue plans to further expand the services and products offer in the near future. To enable display of more options, the website navigation has been adapted. This may be a small change for some users, but brings improvements for most.

New Trajectories

The trajectories, popularly used for balloon flight planning, pollution tracking and storm chasing, have been updated.

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