Ние уважаваме Вашата поверителност.

Поверителност: да! Защо тогава бисквитки? Просто защото те помагат за персонализиране на нашите услуги за Вас

  • , като намаляват необходимите кликвания
  • , показват само това, което искате
  • , предлагат само специализирана реклама
  • ] и ни помагат да финансираме висококачествена, безплатна, прецизна метеорологична услуга.

Кликнете върху „Приеми и продължи“, за да приемете всички бисквитки или кликнете по-долу, за да промените настройките си за бисквитки.
Можете да промените или оттеглите съгласието си по всяко време. Повече информация .


NEWS about the news

2018 saw meteoblue featured in several media. We appreciate the recognition of our services, are working on further improving them in 2019 and welcome any news from our users side.

meteoblue has been increasingly featured in various media. Several newspapers and magazines have featured meteoblue as a source of precision weather information.

The meteoblue weather App has received several mentions, amongst others in Switzerland, Germany, and Romania where meteoblue was featured as "the most well known app for weather forecast" By Silviu April 16, 2018 - Romania's Adventure Travel Guide.

A detailed review was posted in a YouTube video on "How to Intelligently Predict Beautiful Times to Take Pictures in the Outdoors!" by James Staddon | Feb 16, 2018



Our meteoTV Digital signage offer was taken up in an article with 4 other global solution as the only "notably.. entirely free service" which offers "Weather forecasts ... available globally, and you can choose between a standard 5-day, daily weather forecast or a more frequent, 3-hour interval weather forecast." By Daniel Mountcastle JULY 26, 2018



If you find us in the news, send us a link or a scanned copy of the article to info@meteoblue.com . Thanks for watching!

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