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Поверителност: да! Защо тогава бисквитки? Просто защото те помагат за персонализиране на нашите услуги за Вас

  • , като намаляват необходимите кликвания
  • , показват само това, което искате
  • , предлагат само специализирана реклама
  • ] и ни помагат да финансираме висококачествена, безплатна, прецизна метеорологична услуга.

Кликнете върху „Приеми и продължи“, за да приемете всички бисквитки или кликнете по-долу, за да промените настройките си за бисквитки. meteoblue използва рекламната мрежа Google, която потенциално би могла да доставя реклами от която и да е от изброените тук рекламни компании: Повече информация . Можете да промените или оттеглите съгласието си по всяко време. Повече информация .


meteo4me goodbye

This NEWS is about an OLDIE. Today, we have stopped the datafeeds for our first iPhone app meteo4me. A day of nostalgia, soothed by our growing range of replacements: new app, mobile website and others.

meteo4me was our first mobile app, developed together with Ergon. This has allowed us to offer our forecasts worldwide, bringing with it an increasing number of users, whom we warmly thank. Unfortunately, the maintenance of this version proved to be more time-consuming and the focus on a payment model less suitable than feasible. Therefore we had to stop support in 2016. In August 2018, the app was completely useless with the new iOS 11 from Apple. Nevertheless, some users have continued to use us, though rapidly decreasing in number.



In 2019 we will see new system changes requiring a switch to newer APIs. Old APIs are not supported any more, including meteo4me. Therefore, we have now been forced to shut down the API for meteo4me, knowing that we can offer a rich replacement in the form of the meteoblue website (which is now also very easy to use for mobile devices) and the new iOS app.




We thank all users for your loyalty, we will include the few missing features of meteo4me in future offers and look forward to suggestions.

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