Extreme Weather Contest: Round 2

Announcing the winners of the 1st round and launching the 2nd round of the meteoblue Extreme Weather Contest


For those who missed it: Last week we organised the first round of meteoblue Extreme Weather Contest. The aim was to find the most extreme difference between last week's weather and the long term climate norm as displayed on our climate comparison page.

Although we had anticipated that the first week would only be a warming-up round, we were pleasantly surprised when plenty of our users decided to praticipate. Thank you! We are happy you like the contest.

The three winners of the last round are:

  • Raphaël Tallarico
  • Pablo Lastras
  • Mr. "Surfator"

Congratulations! Have fun using point+!

Would you like to win point+ too? Why not compete in the next round?

The second round will run for the entire month of March 2021, and reward 3 categories:

  1. the places with the highest daily snowfall: you can see that in the 14-day meteogram,
  2. the place with he highest snow cover: you find that in the snow meteogram (which is accessible using a free one-time 14-day test subscription),
  3. the place with the highest pressure: you can see that in the AIR meteogram.

An ideal way to narrow down these occurrences is to follow our Daily Precipitation map or the uniquely precise map for snow depth.

Only screenshots of meteoblue products delivered in formats .jpg and .png will be considered. Participants can submit the extreme weather conditions which they found, until 31. March 2021, via the contact form, where they are asked to fill out the following details:

  • Name as registered in the meteoblue user database
  • Email as registered in the meteoblue user database
  • In the YOUR MESSAGE field, please write the title "meteoblue EXTREME WEATHER CONTEST"
  • Attach the record they intend to submit in the form of .jpeg or .png
  • Press SUBMIT

As illustrated below.


We accept one screenshot per category and participant. A special extra point+ subscription will be awarded for photos with actual high snow cover. The location and date must be documented in a reproducible way. Participants in that section allow meteoblue to use their photos in own publications.

The results of the competition will be evaluated and published at the beginning of April on the meteoblue home page in the web news section, and via the meteoblue social media accounts - facebook, twitter and instagram.

Have fun competing!

Here are the winning screenshots:

Uranium City, Canada


Saim, Russia


Mugodzharskoye, Kazakhstan


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