New meteoblue App for iPhone

meteoblue weather forecast are now available through the new special app for iPhone. Weather forecasts can be requested on the go, easy and comfortable – even with no internet access.


The new meteoblue app includes high precision weather forecasts combined with a beautiful, simple and easy to use design. The weather app is based on the most popular features of the meteoblue website. The wind animation is a unique feature, which shows the wind flow for different altitudes as an animation for the whole world. Furthermore, the app includes satellite and radar maps, and the where2go feature that displays the best weather in the surrounding region.

A little overview of the app can be found at YouTube.


Posted on 2016-01-09 09:42:11 by active

Nice! Any chance for an Android app in the nearest future too?

Posted on 2016-01-18 08:06:22 by julia.behlinger (meteoblue)

Yes, there will be a version for Android, too!

Posted on 2016-01-29 23:09:26 by ardeleanulcj

If you search by google Meteoblue for android - the first result will be the following one:

Posted on 2016-01-29 23:09:40 by ardeleanulcj

If you plan to develop a Android App please do something with the link, the people will get confused

Posted on 2016-05-03 06:06:18 by Julieelangwey

Hi Julia, How much about the cost? My url I am excited to use this app for my future enhancement. Cheers, Julie

Posted on 2016-06-02 20:24:41 by Splodger

Hi Julia, Are there any plans for integrating the Astronomical Seeing data into the app?
Many thanks, Roger.

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