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New meteoMail for free

Receive a 5-day weather forecast by email for free with our new meteoMail.

You will receive a daily E-mail with a meteogram for a location and hour, which you can select on the page of the meteogram .


Posted on 2016-10-13 11:09:41 by solarman (meteoblue)

Dear Users,
you can subscribe for your customized meteoMail when you click on the link meteogram above. Or you just use this link below:

Posted on 2016-10-13 11:10:06 by solarman (meteoblue)

ok; how do I get it?

OK, how do I get this ?

Posted on 2016-09-29 04:29:53 by Asiaflt

Nice. How do I get it?

OK how does one get it?

OK how does one get it?

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