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The sky is the limit?

For the weather models: yes, for employees too? NO, we need more space...


High spatial resolution works for better weather data - but does it also work in the office? We tried and found: less than 5 sqm per employee does no longer improve results.
So, we needed a new office … in crowded Basel... and finally found one - just across the street.
But (like raw weather model data) it needed improvement.
And we wanted to give it a new - meteoblue - face. This meant : do it ourselves!
So, we expanded our skills to tearing out carpets and wires, filling holes, cleaning rubble. Then, painting walls (up to the ceiling), laying the floor and high performance connections. Next steps are to put in a great new infrastructure and working environment, decoration and creative spaces and finally, the most important ingredient: a very dynamic team.
We enjoyed the work, the results and teaming up together, and really look forward to starting our bluespace project.


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