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Multimodel now with UKMO

We have added the weather model UKMO from MetOffice as 7th global model to our Multimodel meteogram

The Multimodel now shows UKMO, the Weather model of the UK MetOffice, as the 7th global model, besides the regional models available depending on continent. The UKMO is updated twice daily, producing forecast for the next 144h at a resolution of 17 km with global coverage. Using its own hybrid 4D-Var data assimilation, the UKMO model provides a complete weather forecast fully independent of other models .

Our Artificial Intelligence (MLM) uses the global UKMO together with 10-17 other models to produce the best possible forecast shown on our website. Furthermore, the UKMO is graphically presented in meteogram Multimodel on our website, and also as data package and graphically through our Weather API.




We are testing UKMO. To assess the accuracy, we will need to collect a few months of data.

Posted on 2018-12-23 08:09:23 by raed_sawalha (Qualified blogger)

Great news, we hope we see it in details (All Models and NEMS ) for better verification and more insight on forecast

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