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meteoblue new website launch

Our new website with the new navigation and many other new features will be introduced stepwise this week. It brings better display, navigation, mobile look and more options for future features. Click to see what is new.

Our new website with a more modern look is live now. Thank you for testing our beta version, for your feedback and contributions.

The stepwise rollout is planned to gradually switch visitors to the new website and allow us to support those who need help. With this stepwise process, it is possible that some visitors still land on the old website or see different website versions on different devices. If you are viewing the old website, you can click on right banner to be redirected to the new website.

We are excited to tell you about what's new:

  • Day and night pictograms: Day pictograms show weather forecasts between 6 o'clock in the morning and 18 o'clock in the evening. Night pictograms show forecasts between 18 o'clock in the evening and 6 o'clock in the morning. This was requested by many users (who sleep at night;-).
  • Swipe function, now you can swipe to navigate through the 7-day forecast, very handy for devices with touch-displays.
  • The new location search includes a bigger map and combines the search function, the favourites and the last visited locations at one point
  • Bigger Satellite Images and Radar maps (where available) on the home page.
  • New website navigation with categorised groups and expanding functionality.
  • Our responsive design provides a better adaptation for mobile devices.
  • Help popup show detailed legend description of the 7-day forecast on our homepage.

20190523153044_Screenshot-2019-05-23-at-17.29.23_440x220.jpg 20190523153238_Screenshot-2019-05-23-at-17.31.45_440x220.jpg

What's missing:
- The forecast Details webpage will no longer be shown on the new website, it will be redesigned and introduced later.
- We have removed the short-term precipitation forecast due to the large maintenance efforts (but replaced it with better satellite maps).

We hope that you will enjoy the website new design and features.

Here you can check the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) about the new website. Please contact us for further questions, feedback or suggestions.


Posted on 2019-06-16 11:42:14 by meteoblue (meteoblue)

Thanks to our users for there comments. Important explanations can be found on. https://content.meteoblue.com/en/faq
We hope this answers your questions.
Users with further or technical problems: please use https://www.meteoblue.com/en/feedback/
Your meteoblue team

Can you please include a black theme also?

Bitte Login Beschriftung ausblenden, wenn Zeile beschriftet wird. Ansonten top Seite!

I have visited the site "SAT24.CC-10DAY"... everyday for a while now and it always showed Atlanta's weather fcst. I have finally found that I could get my own city's (Trois-Rivières, Quebec) weather; I love this site!
I'm subscribedd now. Just one thing: When I leave, page is showing my city but when I reconnect there are a few steps besides signing in that I have to take...I wished the page was on my city from the start. But all the same, I love your site. Thanks,

I always liked the IOS version, so I'm really happy with the the new web site. One request that comes from the PC not having a GPS like the IOS devoices: let me specify a default location? When I go in I see a location that's something to do with my ISP's infrastructure, and I have to go into the location search to select my home locution from my favourites every time.

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