New Radar forecast

Radar forecast is now also available for Spain, France, Scandinavia, Great Britain, Czechia and Romania

After Switzerland, Germany, USA and Benelux, we are glad to introduce a radar forecast also for Spain, France, Great Britain, Scandinavia, Czechia and Romania.



The radar forecast map animation shows the precipitation of the last hour followed by one-hour forecast, depending on the region. Precipitation intensity is colour coded, ranging from light blue for light rain to reddish purple for heavy rain. This feature helps you with your short-term planning, especially if the forecast predictability is low and uncertainty is high.



The radar forecast animation is shown on our webpage 7-day weather and Current & Webcams. Just chose any location in any of these countries and scroll down the page.

We plan to add more regions, and a pan-European forecast in 2020.

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