Satellite Images with Precipitation Illustration for whole Europe

Thanks to the new radar forecast for Europe, which meteoblue has developed, our satellite map for Europe now indicates the precipitation on all time steps

Early this year, meteoblue was proud to be one of the first to make the highest-resolution cloud cover satellite images available to the general public, worldwide and for free.

Now, fulfilling various wishes from our users, and after having developed our own precipitation map animation for several European countries (see news from 08/14/2019), we are able to indicate the precipitation on all time steps of the satellite maps for Europe.

The satellite animation is available on our frontpage as well as under Current & Webcams. It provides an overview over the development of cloud cover (observed by satellite) and precipitation (estimated from radar and satellite). The Precipitation intensity is colour coded, ranging from light blue for light rain to reddish/purple for heavy rain.


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