meteoblue Day

In bright sunshine we celebrated our 13th anniversary with a day off on the Rhine. A day with an exciting exchange of views, a visit to renewable energies, sports and a (wet) cheerful atmosphere.

This year everything revolved around the topic water. The meteoblue Day led us from Basel upstream the Rhine to the hydroelectric power station Laufenburg. Hydropower is one of the largest renewable energy sources in the world and is the most environmentally friendlyform of energy production. During a tour through the power plant, we were givena glimpse of the turbines and information on the requirements and framework conditions for generating energy from water.



Afterwards we went on the river to experience the power of water for ourselves. With several canoes we paddled, floated or swinged 11 km downstream on the Rhine, with a wonderful view of the surrounding landscape, and a bit of water battling: At the end of the canoe trip not everyone stayed dry. At the following barbecue everyone could warm up again and talk about the work of new innovations in order to be able to offer you the best weather service also in the future.



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