meteoblue weather in new Microsoft Flight Simulator2020

Microsoft partners with meteoblue for stunningly realistic weather in the upcoming release of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Microsoft FlightSimulator 2020 provides unique experiences of simulated flying, including realistic weather conditions beyond anything available before. Watch the video clip with impressive previews of simulated weather conditions and simple explanations by meteoblue co-founder and CTO Mathias D. Müller on how we create the data that enable those realistic scenes.

20200612095751_MS-FlightSimulator2020-video-20200611-scene-Mathias-Globe_440x220.jpg 20200612095809_MS-FlightSimulator2020-video-20200611-scene-webmaps-cloudprecip-USA_440x220.jpg

This visually unique experience requires uniquely detailed and precise weather data. meteoblue provides those daily to many customers around the world for a large variety of applications, including aviation.

20200612095919_MS-FlightSimulator2020-video-20200611-scene-NewYork_440x220.jpg 20200612100628_MS-FlightSimulator2020-video-20200611-scene-clouds-river_440x220.jpg

Enjoy your future simulated flights through realistic weather with Microsoft FlightSimulator 2020, or enhance your real flight planning with meteoblue dynamic webmaps and AIR diagrams.


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