New widget map - satellite view, wind animations and more

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meteoblue launches a new map widget with satellite view, wind animations and more. The satellite view shows the clouds and precipitation worldwide in almost real-time. Wind animations are the most visually appealing and entertaining of all meteoblue maps: streamlines and colours indicate the movement of entire air masses. These unique features and other dynamic weather maps are now available via Widget Map, which you can easily insert into your website. Just follow the simple instructions below.

Thanks to our verified weather forecast technology, Widget Map visualises the most reliable weather forecast publicly available. The widget is also fully customisable, as it allows the users to switch between weather variables as well as between weather models, and to center on their own location.

The widget is offered free of charge, and additional features are available for commercial utilisation.


The Widget Map can be used by online media to visualise weather events such as hurricanes, thunderstorms, weather fronts, and others. Companies operating in the area of aviation, shipping and logistics can take advantage when optimising route plans. Pilots, paragliders, balloonists and other outdoor enthusiasts can use the widget to study air currents. Other segments and industries can also benefit from meteoblue Widget Map. And of course, you can also simply enjoy it.

For more information, click here.

Additional features will be integrated shortly. Stay tuned!

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