WRFAMS-7 weather model added for South America

A new WRFAMS-7 weather model with 7 km spatial resolution in now included in the meteoblue forecast processing chain and our MultiModel meteogram.

We recently added the WRFAMS weather model, which covers all South America, the surrounding oceans, and part of Central America, with a spatial resolution of 7km and a forecast time range of 180 hours in hourly time steps.

The addition of WRFAMS will substantially improve local forecasts in South America, especially for wind. The weather model’s data are added to our meteoblue Learning MultiModel (mLM), which combines dozens of different numerical weather models with nowcasting data and our high-resolution 30x30 meters topography models, genrating unique accuracy through post-processing. These data are shown on our start page, in our apps, or meteograms.

You can also access the model raw data in our MultiModel meteogram. There, you can see all available raw model data for your location and select the models of interest to customize your MultiModel.

Thanks to NCAR for running this and sharing the WRFAMS model.


Posted on 2024-02-05 16:43:10 by EDELSON

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