Meet the team behind meteoblue

Have you ever wondered who people behind meteoblue are? You can now find out more about us on our new team page.

meteoblue is top accuracy weather info on web, app and API - all automated on High Performance Computing... Does that need people at all? And who are the faces behind our website, apps, or this news article?

Our new team page answers this question: You can see some of us there - the more prominent, customer-facing, and startling faces. By hovering over the individual faces, you can find more background information, such as who our plant caretaker or installation wizard is.

Our diverse team of more than 50 individuals - from experienced professionals to students - combines top-notch expertise in meteorology, technology, informatics, design, marketing, customer support, and other areas—and fun! All these abilities are needed to provide you with the best possible weather service and to continue improving our services for you.


Posted on 2024-04-02 10:51:05 by xgikas

Posted on 20!!! Apr. 2024. Is it an outdated "April fools day" article :-)

Posted on 2024-04-02 12:52:23 by michaelaschloegl (meteoblue)

Thanks! We fixed it :)

Posted on 2024-04-02 16:45:48 by alize (Qualified blogger)

Sympa de nous proposer d'entrer davantage dans l'intimité de votre équipe, très "consistante" (en nombre et qualité). Je vais pouvoir mettre un visage sur ceux de vos collaborateurs qui répondent aux diverses questions, "techniques" surtout. Bel effort de transparence que je salue. Amicalement. @z.

Posted on 2024-04-04 11:24:11 by tchagas@$!?~!&;!.pt

Thank you for the work. I use Meteoblue on my daily work and I´m very pleased with the outcome.

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