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The simulation history archive offers access to past weather simulations for every place in the world. You can see weather information for yesterday or the weather history of the last years. The weather archive diagrams is separated in 3 charts:

  • Temperature, including relative humidity in hourly intervals
  • Clouds (grey background) and clear sky (light blue background). The darker the grey background, the more dense is the cloud cover
  • Wind speed and direction (in degree 0° = North, 90° = East, 180° = South and 270° = West). In the history archive meteogram, the green line represents wind speed, and the wind rose shows the wind direction.

Please consider the following:

  • The weather archive shows simulation data, not measured data, for the selected area.
  • The data is not compared to measured data of a weather station (because in more than 99% of the places on Earth, no measurements are available). Simulation data with high predictability can replace measurements. For areas or data with lower predictability, simulation cannot replace measurements and can also not be used as an evidence.
  • Wind and temperature data are calculated with the average altitude of the grid cell. Therefore, the temperatures for mountains and coasts can be a somewhat different from the data at the exact location which you have selected. You can find the altitude of the grid cell besides the coordinates.
  • The "15-day" diagram shows hourly data. For one month, there are daily aggregations for minimum, maximum and average values. For more than 6 months there are monthly aggregations.
  • We also offer raw data for sale. Please contact us for more information ([email protected])

Hourly historical weather data since 1940 for Ceccano can be purchased with history+. Download variables such as temperature, wind, clouds and precipitation as CSV for any place on Earth.

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