Upcoming Heatwave in Eastern Europe

As an intense heatwave approaches Eastern Europe, including Poland, Serbia, Hungary, and Bulgaria, it is crucial to stay informed and prepared.

The next heat wave in Europe will hit central and Eastern Europe next week. Greece was already affected by a heat wave the week of June 10th.

As the screenshots from our Extreme Forecast map show, it is expected to impact mainly Poland and Serbia on Wednesday, June 19th, and move further southeast the next day.

A ridge (high-level anticyclone) forms over southern Europe, which means clear weather without precipitation. Due to the position of the high trough (high-level cyclone) over Great Britain and the ridge, a south-westerly current also develops, which naturally transports very warm air masses from the Mediterranean to south-east Europe, leading to the described heat wave. You can see these developments on our 500 hPA Height map.

Our heat maps for cities impacted by the upcoming heatwave are an essential tool for residents and local authorities. These maps are part of our 10x10 metre hyper-local urban climate temperature map system, which offers unparalleled detail and accuracy.

The heat map for Budapest (shown in the first screenshot) shows local temperature differences within the city. The largest air temperature difference typically occurs at night and can reach up to 10 degrees (depending on the city).

Stay safe and informed during the upcoming heatwave with our advanced weather solutions.

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