Together again - meteoblue day 2022

First get-together - our 2022 meteoblue day was hot, inspiring and enjoyable.

It is the time of the year when we celebrate our annual meteoblue day because being a strong team is our aspiration. Getting everyone together helps us forge the basis for finding better solutions, making a difference and enjoying what we do.

This year, we went to Biel in Switzerland, where the lake, landscape, and mountains merge with culture, history and entertainment.

On the first day, we took the train from Basel to Biel - some of us used the train ride for sleeping, and others enjoyed breakfast and excellent communication. It was important for us to minimise our CO2 footprint and, therefore, all our travels were done by railway, bike and foot.

We checked our forecast data two weeks in advance and predicted temperatures around 35 degrees. The closer we came to the event day, the more certain it got, and we had to adapt ourselves to the heat (but at least the forecast was correct).

Once we arrived in Biel, we started with a bike tour. We also had some tandem bikes and drew lots to see who would ride tandem with whom. This was a real challenge: synchronising 2 people was a great exercise for team building. After 16km and lunch, we cut the trip short and cycled the same way back to ensure the heat would not take more toll. Back in the hotel, it was time to cool down; luckily, the lake was close.

After cooling down in the lake, power napping, gaming cards and chatting, everybody was ready for dinner. We found a fantastic location with direct access to the lake of Biel, where we enjoyed the food and some drinks in the evening.

The second day was dedicated to culture - visiting the "Museum of Time". During our meteoblue day in Falera two years ago, we learned how sundials are supposed to work. The museum visit continued the history of time. It gave us insights into the history of timekeeping and its importance for the Swiss industry, allowing a deeper view into the kind of innovation possible with smartness, dedication, good organisation and a supportive surrounding.

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