Happy Easter!

meteoblue wishes all users and customers healthy and happy Easter holidays and offers a special 50% discount on our upgraded history+ during the Easter days!

history+ offers historical weather simulation data for the selected location(s) across the whole world, with a spatial resolution between 4 and 30 km. These hourly data reach back to 1979, are 100% complete, with more than 50 variables and are available for any place on Earth and on different altitude levels, independent of weather measurement stations. Simulation data are especially suitable for assessing weather over longer time periods, compare years, seasons and even locations and track effects like climate change. Interactive graphs allow immediate access to continuous time series, yearly comparisons, immediate summaries and new insights for your location(s).

Starting in 1979, the historical weather data are available in hourly steps or daily aggregations with a spatial resolution of 30 km, whereas higher resolution data are available since 2008 for nearly every place on Earth. You can choose between model data from ERA5 and NEMS30 model data. Extensive verifications of our weather models ensure top data accuracy.

You can get your own history+ access with 50% discount using the coupon code
You can enter this code AFTER selecting the desired number of locations and clicking "Buy", then you will get a 50% discount on the regular purchase price and access to the data for the selected locations during an entire year.

During the Easter days, we will also (within a day) be answering your questions.