Weather Warnings go global

Weather Warnings from National Weather Services are now available on our front page for more than 100 countries worldwide. They provide a quick overview of 15 categories of natural risk, and of the official Weather Alarm Status at the selected location.

meteoblue introduces a new worlwide function: Weather Warnings, which provide you with instant and concise information about the possible Official Weather Alarms in the selected area, and are shown on our main page, directly above the Meteogram - 5 days.

Weather Warnings are based on CAP (Common Alerting Protocol) alerts from the Severe Weather Information Centre 2.0 of the World Meteorological Organization. CAP collects official Weather Warnings from National Hydro-Meteorological Services (NHMS) around the globe, processes and publishes them in the form of a short text. The countries covered by CAP alerts are issued by many countries as shown on the map. The complete list can be found here.

meteoblue Weather Warnings are shown for 15 categories of weather risk: Wind , Snow, Thunderstorm, Low visibility, Heat wave, Cold Wave, Coastal event, Fire, Avalanche, Rain, Flood, Hail, Geological, Air Quality, and Volcanism.

Our system checks for updates every 5 minutes, making sure that our database and the information displayed on the website stay as reliable as possible.

Even though CAP still has to be adopted by a several countries, the spread of standards like CAP, is without doubt a key element to facilitate the implementation of systems providing worldwide severe weather alarms, as the one implemented on the meteoblue website.

By re-transmitting these alerts, meteoblue supports the development of these standards, as well as the single-voice principle of spreading Official Weather Alarms, providing the most accurate and trustable information possible for our users.

We thank the WMO and NHMS for their efforts, hope that more countries will join the system appreciate additional suggestions.

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