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Siberian Cold in Europe - A Review

Are the cold temperatures of the last few days extreme or do they just feel that way? We have checked this for some major cities in Europe using the Meteogram Climate Comparison.

The meteogram climate comparison shows the expected weather compared to the weather of the 35 years (since 1984). This will show you how "normal" or how "extreme" the current weather is:

The maximum temperatures of the current days are somewhat colder for Madrid, but the minimum temperatures are a bit warmer. The current weather in Madrid seems to be rather normal for this season.


The maximum temperatures for Paris are much colder than normal, as are the minimum temperatures. The maxima of 27.02. was the lowest of the last 35 years. Most recently, it was comparably cold in the years 1986, 1987 and 2004, 2005.


In London, the maximum and minimum temperatures are much colder than in the last decades.


Basel, Switzerland
Although the maximum and minimum temperatures in Basel are also below average, there were colder night temperatures in the past, such as in 1986 or 2005.


In otherwise rather mild Rome, the temperatures are outstandingly cold: Both daily minima and maxima are below those of the coldest year of the last decades (2005).


The maximum temperatures in Bucharest are well on the border of the coldest days of recent decades. The minimum temperatures are well below average cold, but not new extremes.


The maximum temperatures in Warsaw are significantly lower than those of previous years. The minimum temperatures are below average cold, but not extreme.


The comparison of current temperatures with those of recent years shows that in some parts of Europe, it was currently much colder than before. But, the warmer days are coming!


المناخ العالمي اصبح اكثر تطرفا

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