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Happy New Year

meteoblue wishes all users a Happy and Healthy New Year

We close an eventful meteorological year of 2018, trending to be the fourth warmest on record since begin of measurements.

We had the highest temperature sum since 1984 (and since begin of measurements in 1755!) in Basel, Switzerland, coupled with the driest summer (lowest precipitation from April to October). We saw flooding and hurricanes, droughts and heat waves in different places, and the normal daily weather in all parts of the world.



We ended the year of 2018 with almost 50°C in Western Australia and -45°C in Siberia, whilst a large portion of the land surface experienced New Year's Eve under a clear sky.



meteoblue has helped make those events - and the hourly weather of every day at every place on Earth - visible to all users - with free public access and maximum precision.

We thank all our users and customers for their trust, suggestions and support, and wish all a Healthy and Happy New Year with thoughtful and satisfying decisions - and your suggestions.


Happy and Hopefully new year on 2019, Success to Meteoblue,

Best Regards,

Gunawan, Indonesia

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