meteoblue Day

Almost 14 years of meteoblue: celebration, rest and recharged batteries at this year's meteoblue Day.

2020 is the 14th and most difficult year for meteoblue. We recovered from this in the Swiss mountains on our longest "meteoblue Day" to date. The visit to Falera, in Graubünden, offered us astronomy, gastronomy, hiking and weather in abundance. 

To start with, we visited the 3000-year-old and largest megalithic site in Switzerland - a "Stone Age Observatory" - guided by one of the co-discoverers of the site and immersed ourselves in the early observations of sun and star positions, agriculture and mountain climate. 

At night we visited the more modern observatory "Mirasteilas", where benefactors, sponsors and enthusiasts have built the largest publicly accessible telescope in Switzerland and developed an observation and guided tour programme. Although the evening was rather foggy, we were able to determine the best time for astronomical observations with the help of our Astronomical Seeing. A lecture brought us close to the starry sky, the telescopes to the galaxies, adorned by several shooting stars from the Perseids, whose trail is recorded on the modern instruments. 

20200819095304_image_440x220.jpg 20200819095709_image_440x220.jpg

The morning welcomed us with downpour, and the weather forecast was needed for the choice of clothes. After breakfast we went up to the alpine dairy Alp Dadens, where we were welcomed with a rest area, excellent cheese and yoghurt, a guided tour and hospitality. The mountaineers continued their ascent to the Crap Sogn Gion, the more cautious troupe slowly descended again, and both were rewarded with magnificent views and afternoon sun. 

20200819095904_image_440x220.jpg 20200819100011_image_440x220.jpg

After the hikes, a big surprise was waiting for the team: Karsten Schwanke, meteorologist and TV presenter and Niko Renkosik, also meteorologist, joined us to give us exciting insights into TV weather, the media world and the mediation of weather information - keyword: customer orientation (and main sentences ?). Our dinner together was exciting, informative, tasty and too short... before we had to leave for home. 

The time out was relaxing, very instructive, and an incentive, so you can look forward to further innovations from us!




Posted on 2020-10-04 12:31:40 by nxu-webreg@>?*!%$

Hi All, Big fan of meteoblue and we are now in imminent danger of floods so tracking the weather with nowcast and weather maps beta. If the fore/now cast is to be depended upon the worst seems to be over in terms of precipitation for Aylesbury.

Given the times we live in, more storms can be the order of the next few months. However I have no idea what's in store beyond next two weeks. I used Metcheck and it says there is a big downpour on Boxing day. Even if this is not to be depended upon it says 8mm of rain to be expected. So I tried to see how much has fallen in this area a per your forecasts for Storm Alex and i can't find it. By knowing what happened now accurately( in terms of data) and the actual situation on the ground we can be prepared for future when we have data to hand.

How can I get precipitation data for the last few days / week for Aylesbury.

Again thanks for the wonderful amount of data and multi layered presntation.

Best Regards

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