Fires in Canada continue

Low-pressure conditions bring dust, created by the fires, right towards the East coast of the U.S.

The wildfires in Nova Scotia (Canada) continue, bringing bad air quality to other regions. Our current weather warning map shows the extent of the area subject to wildfires and their effects (smog). Affected are parts of Ontario, Quebec, and the USA, such as northern Michigan.

Low-pressure conditions off the coast cause winds from the North to bring dust, created by the fires, right towards the East coast of the U.S. This can be observed in our Air Quality Index weather map that shows medium to high air pollution, primarily driven by high PM10 (particulate matter) concentrations.

Big cities like New York City, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia suffer from dusty skies and polluted air. Dust clouds even extend to parts of Virginia.
A view of the New York skyline (see webcam) shows the severity of the current dust in the air. Several active air quality warnings exist for New York and other cities.

As for now, dry conditions and above-average temperatures on the mainland of Quebec will remain, so the fires are expected to persist for the next few days. Rain is expected in North Michigan towards the end of the weekend and in Quebec and southern Ontario at the beginning of next week, which gives hope that the wildfire situation will calm down.

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Posted on 2023-06-10 08:37:21 by EricJ7

Great content, nice to see the regional situation from this perspective.
As the plumes are reaching Europe now, maybe a follow-up on transatlantic -> EMEA outlook?

Posted on 2023-06-12 14:05:57 by alexandra.reiss@=++~=<*

Dear Eric, thanks for your feedback! We have looked at our maps for the forecast. Indeed, it is possible, that parts of the dust and smoke clouds reach Europe - whenever we observe (strong) Westwinds. Nevertheless it looks like the regions affected are limited to the coast of France and the UK - as Eastwinds and a high pressure system over Europe and Scandinavia are likely to block Westwinds - and therefore the arrival of a higher concentration of wildfire dust. We don't expect air quality deterioration on a New York scale in Europe, but partly slighty hazy sky is possible. Check our Air Quality and Wind Maps to keep you updated on this topic, as we ourselves will continue to have an eye on it!

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