Relative Humidity extends our MultiModel

We have made your forecasting tasks easier by adding a new weather variable to our MultiModel - Relative Humidity.

Our one-of-a-kind MultiModel now includes relative humidity. The last chart of the graph visualizes humidity forecasts from various weather models, a feature you won’t find anywhere else. The MultiModel is a great tool for better interpreting the forecast data. If all models align, the likelihood of the forecast being right is very high. However, when models show differences in their forecasts, possible uncertainties need to be considered, and it is recommended that forecast information is updated regularly.

Furthermore, the MultiModel now uses fixed colours for each weather model to make it easier to compare the model forecasts for different locations or to use the model selection on our website.

The MultiModel forecast for 3 days is free of charge. Our point+ website subscription is required to extend the forecast time range to up to 7 days.

We are sure you will benefit from these enhancements and appreciate your feedback.


Muchas gracias por su constante esfuerzo por mejorar los pronósticos. Ya veo que han incorporado el modelo de inteligencia artificial AIFS. Excelente.

Posted on 2024-07-05 11:54:04 by matthugo81

No point in adding humidity when the rest of the multimodel plot is now poorer than the way it was - The 'ridged' scaling of the temperature and rainfall plots is so poor now compared to how it was before the so-called upgrade, while still only being able to see individual models if you only have 4 or 5 select is also a step backwards.

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