history+ with ERA5

history+ now reaches 40 years backwards, with the ERA-5 hourly meteorological data from 1979 to end 2019. Unique in precision and data range of >50 weather variables makes history+ the broadest and most accessible historic weather offer currently available - for the same price as before!

history+ gets a major upgrade with a full hourly ERA5 reanalysis dataset and a unique range of variables >50 major weather variables including evapotranspiration, soil temperature, soil moisture and plant available moisture [from 0 to 255 cm deep], total column cloud water and many others. ERA5 has been calculated by the ECMWF from 1979 to 2019, based on historic weather simulations and measurements, producing the highest precision hourly historic dataset globally available, which is updated regularly within 3 months of real time. This makes history+ the broadest and most comprehensive historic weather offer currently available - for the same price as before.

history+ allows you to create unique historic weather time series, do climate analysis, analyse the effect of weather on your operations and even check the (absence of) impact on Corona-Virus, and thereby uncovering unique (cor)relations.

To assist you with such a unique offer, we are at your disposition for your questions and feedback.



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