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meteoblue newsletter 12/2016

​Dear meteoblue users, we are happy to introduce our meteoblue newsletter to you, which shall provide you with interesting weather facts, product innovations, promotion vouchers and other information related to meteoblue products and services. Our actual highlight is free access to point+ for Christmas.

Free point+ for Christmas:


meteoblue opens access to all point+ diagrams for everyone from 22 December until 02 January 2017. Explore special weather forecast diagrams like the Meteogram SNOW, Trajectory or Cross section for any place of the world and check out other unique features like Weather Archive, Weather Maps and many more...

Will there be snow for Christmas?


To figure out quickly if there is any snow expected within the next 6 days, just check the Meteogram SNOW. It shows the local development of snow height and temperatures at various altitudes. Furthermore the expected precipitation and snow fall are visible at a glance for any location worldwide.

history+ allows 30 year analyses of hourly weather data


meteoblue recently launched history+. Hourly weather data of the last 30 years are available for Basel or activated locations. The interface allows various features like interactive analyses and unlimited data downloads. Furthermore histograms and year comparison of several weather parameters are available as well as wind roses.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Our constantly growing team wishes you and your family a peaceful and merry Christmas, much happiness and optimism at the turn of the year and good fortune and success in the New Year 2017. May all the goals that you have set for yourself and your wishes be fulfilled (not only those concerning good weather). Our team will be working hard to improve meteoblue products and provide you with even better services in 2017. Help us providing observations of malfunctioning and suggestions for improvement using the feedback form on our website!

Coldest January in Europe?


January is the coldest month with the most frost days (almost 20) for Basel and most other locations in Europe, North America and Asia. Conversely in Australia, Argentina or South Africa the hottest season is starting. You can easily analyse the climate of different places and compare it with different years or the next weather station. How many average frost days or heat days does your city have in January?

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