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Radiation with top precision

meteoblue introduces a solar radiation forecast with world-leading precision, and thereby supports the energy revolution towards a cleaner energy future.

Forecasting of sunshine is not only necessary for the planning of tomorrows hiking tour or other outdoor activities, but also used to integrate solar generated renewable electricity into the modern energy market. To offer the electricity production of solar systems on tomorrows energy exchange market, a precise forecast of the exact intensity of solar radiation is necessary. With the implementation of meteoblue proprietary multi-model approach for solar radiation forecasting, we reduced radiation forecast errors about 30% compared to 2016, when only single models (NEMS30) were used for operational forecasting. meteoblue silently implemented its first solar radiation multi-model in 2017, which could be further improved by including additional models in September 2018.

20180913132000_SolarBanner_440x220.jpg 20180913131633_meteoblue-newsmultimodels

A validation on 40 calibrated measurement stations across Europe in 2017 showed, that this approach beats radiation forecast from ICON (German weather service), GFS (US weather service) and even the IFS from ECMWF, which is acknowledged to be the best global model for radiation forecasts. The outcomes of this research project will be presented at the European PV Solar Energy Conference in Brussels end of September 2018.

Furthermore, these radiation forecasts are optimized every 15 minutes with the latest satellite image, which allows our customers in the energy sectors to build the smart energy systems of the future. We are proud to be able to contribute to a cleaner planet in this way!

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