Checking the Swiss mountain weather - live

Our springs Swiss Alp discovery tour with difficult climbs - and weather.

After 2 years of mostly virtual work, we are using every opportunity for a team get-together and challenge. After our last hike in the Black Forest, we now took to climbing the Alps in the Rigi region near Lake Lucerne.

To be climate friendly, we travelled by train from Basel to Brunnen close to Lake Lucerne. From Brunnen, we took a historic cable car: Only 2 cabins going up and down alternate that we had to order by (analogue!) phone, which was a black earpiece with a long cable attached (reminds of old Bond movies).

By the time all of us had reached the mountain station, we could have probably also made it by hiking ;-)  but our "mountain team" needed their batteries for the next stage: Rigi Hochflue. The path to the top was tricky, and exhausting, with some climbing passages, snow fields and ladders. This required advanced hiking skills, good endurance and patience as well as a good weather forecast - we got the predicted 5 hours without rain - and 2 hours more than planned. The top offered the climbers a stunning view on the Lake Lucerne and the Alpine scenery, and the feeling that managing new challenges brings unforeseen rewards.

Our second, less trained "ground" crew took the forest hike to Gätterlipass, and swallowed the local stories, cold drinks served by the personable lodge tenderer, while wondering where the mountain team was. The waiting reminded us of project management: Why was team 1 not ready in time? How to catch the next deadline (train)? Are project plans as slippery as snow fields?

The truth is: Swiss projects are not like Swiss trains - we do sometimes miss deadlines (we just do not let you know).

Finally, both teams managed to reunite, find the right descent back to the valley, the right bus stop and the right train connection to home, accompanied by rainbows, pictoresque showers and the sunset. Project goals reached, happy colleagues, happy end. We will be back soon!

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