Ash rain in Mexico City

For days, Vulcano Popocatépetl has been spewing ash, steam, and gas alternately, which are also visible on our weather maps.

Due to the repeated events, further volcanic activity, even an eruption and further consequences are to be expected, which is why the population is now supposed to prepare for an evacuation.

The volcano is about 90 kilometres southeast of Mexico's capital, Mexico City. The population near the volcano is, therefore, high. Up to 25 million people are affected by the consequences of the activities. Due to the increased dust particles and poor air quality, the school system and air traffic had to be paralyzed because the ash particles are especially noticeable in the higher layers of the atmosphere. Volcanoes also produce sulfur gas, in particular. This phenomenon can be observed very well in our weather maps, where the extent of the affected area can still be seen very clearly yesterday. You can also see the volcano in our webcam section, showing the dust cloud very well.

Also, in our history+, you can clearly see the consequences of the eruptions. In Mexico City, the concentration of dust particles and sulfur gas has risen, as has the air quality index increased.

Professionals can follow the expected direction of the cloud with our trajectories.

To all affected people in Mexico: Stay Safe!

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