European Meteorological Society looks at drought

The subject was `Europe and droughts` at the European Meteorological Society (EMS) Meeting in Bratislava, from 3 to 8 September 2023. meteoblue contributed research results and solutions.

meteoblue attended the Annual Meeting of the European Meteorological Society for the 6th year, this time in the beautiful city of Bratislava, Slovakia. The subject of the conferences was "Europe and droughts: Hydrometeorological processes, forecasting and preparedness". Different topics related to drought have been discussed, looking at weather measurements, forecasting and climate research - from the atmosphere and large regions down to natural, rural and urban environments and subsurface processes.

meteoblue contributed 5 presentations and 3 posters covering the subjects of weather forecast accuracy, detection and measurement of urban heat islands, urban measurements use cases, energy meteorology, climate change communication and services.

We had very good attendance with intensive discussions at our talks and poster sessions, showing a high level of interest, leading to many follow-up actions. In particular, we received interest in our climate services, climate risk assessments, energy meteorology and forecast accuracy.

We look forward to further helping manage the weather and climate impact on our users, customers and stakeholders, and we appreciate deepening our cooperation and exchange.


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I hope our country will employ your research, analysis, equip even design cause personally speaking it's enriched and simple nothing fancy just all important data,diagrams,maps

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