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EUXDAT: building big data for agriculture

The project team of EUXDAT (European e-Infrastructure for Extreme Data Analytics in Sustainable Development) met in the meteoblue office to plan the next steps of the project, which enables use of spatial data for sustainable agricultural development.

EUXDAT (European e-Infrastructure for Extreme Data Analytics in Sustainable Development) aims to "address the problems related to the current and future huge amount of heterogeneous data to be managed and processed. EUXDAT builds on existing mature components and connecting them, by providing an advanced frontend, where users will develop and use applications on top of an infrastructure based on HPC and Cloud."
Weather has an important influence on sustainable development and several use cases make use of the meteoblue 35-year hourly weather history. An example is the delineation of agro-climatic zones, which can be further refined to 30 meter resolution using local topography.



In our meeting, we defined further applications, testing and business cases , as well as infrastructure requirements for high volume data processing in agriculture. We also visited a high value fruit and vegetable farm producer to better understand the future needs of the practitioner.


Very encouraging for future development..

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