meteoblue app now available in Ukrainian language

The new meteoblue weather App versions for Android and iOS now offer Ukrainian language. This was possible through collaboration with engaged users from Ukraine.

meteoblue weather information should be available to everyone - and in everyone's language. Therefore, professional support is essential to ensure the multitude of meteorological terms is properly translated into the local language.

Two of our Ukrainian users asked us whether they could translate our weather services into Ukrainian language to make the weather data better understandable for Ukrainian users. We appreciated this proposal and decided to expand our apps' language capability. We started by providing our new translators access to the weather content, and they started translating. During the translations, they received technical support from us and also learned some new meteorological terms. Within a few weeks, the app translations were finalised and launched. You can download our apps in the Google Play Store and App Store.

Our Ukrainian partners are continuing their work and translating our website, too. We hope this helps our Ukrainian users use our weather data more conveniently, and we thank our translators for their amazing work.

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