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14-day forecast – better and more

We have updated the free 14-day forecast with a predictability, which shows the estimated certainty of our forecast for every day, considering uncertainties in pressure, precipitation, temperature, wind and others. For point+ users, we have added the "super" multimodel-ensemble diagram, which shows the forecast from different models in one diagram for up to 14 days.

Sunshine helps…

Radiation is key - for life on Earth (of course) and renewable energies, but also agriculture and building management. Therefore, meteoblue has conducted several projects over the last two years to improve radiation data supply. The results are being assembled to a new breakthrough radiation forecast.

meteoblue implements risk assessment within history+

Assess the risk of frost or drought damages on your plants and many other risk factors with the new history+ features on our website. Based on your customized thresholds and our hourly database, intuitive graphics are dynamically generated and show the probability of a risk event within the last 30 years.

Plan your holidays with meteoblue CLIMA application!

The meteoblue website offers precise travel weather for any place on earth (including the sea). Intuitive graphics, based on 30-years of hourly time series help you to choose the right location, best season and appropriate clothes for your holiday trip.

meteoblue adds worldwide aviation weather with real time updates

Real time aviation weather on meteoblue, now showing latest weather conditions of any airport worldwide. meteoblue provides airport reported weather information on the weather maps and decodes them where necessary: Click on an airport on the map for the most recent 24 METARs, most recent TAF and NOTAMs.

How far is the next weather station?

The coverage of the weather stations is very different on each continent and affects the accuracy of our weather forecast. meteoblue uses the data from more than 50,000 stations to constantly improve our forecast.

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