20/03/2015 - How reliable is a forecast?

Many times forecasts are reliable and sometimes they are wrong. Wouldn’t it be great to know in advance if the forecast is likely to be correct? Over the last year we have massively expanded our computing power to compute several forecasts for any place on Earth. With todays update to our forecast system we analyses all the different weather models, which results in a much better estimation of the forecast reliability, shown as color bar in the daily overview.

11/03/2015 - A closer look at Africa and Central America

Two new forecast models resolve Southern Africa at 10 km resolution and Central America at 8 km, respectively. The new NEMS models allow a better depiction of local weather conditions and more accurate forecasts of clouds and precipitation especially in mountain regions.

18/02/2015 - News for Skippers

We have upgraded our marine forecast with global resolution of 40 km for temperatures and waves. We also cover the Mediterranean Sea and Persian Gulf. Only the Black, and Red Sea are not yet covered. Marine forecast will be shown for any place close to shoreline and on the sea.

05/01/2015 - New satellite images

We now show animated and movable satellite images for Europe, North- and Central America and India.
Specially for the USA, we now offer an innovative animation of the precipitation of the previous and next hour.

24/12/2014 - Christmas 2014

meteoblue extends to all users free of charge access to all premium Diagrams for some days . You can now check the snow level in the Alpes and the hourly weather anywhere in the world, including on the ocean. With our myMap Wind, you can explore the wind within hundreds of kilometers around you, and much more. You can browse the weather of the past, and take our forecast to your own website We thank all users for their visits and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Good Start into 2015.
Your meteoblue team

23/10/2014 - Multimodel meteogram

Our latest meteogram is now available: The multimodel meteogram gives an overview of several weather models such as NEMS, NMM and GFS. The weather models show the forecast for temperature, precipitation, wind speed as well as cloud cover and weather icons for the next 3 days. It has never been so easy to compare different weather models, try it!

15/10/2014 - Bulgarian

The meteoblue website is now available in Bulgarian: when you click on the little Bulgarian flag on the top right, you will see all the weather information in Bulgarian language for every place in the world, including meteograms, current weather and the weather archive.

17/09/2014 - More weather maps

We now offer more than 100 new weather maps: Special new Snowfall and precipitation maps for France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Iberia, Central Europe, and 24h Accumulated Snowfall for regions with cold season. Professional meteoMaps have been added for East Asia, South America and other regions, including Wind and temperature for different altitudes, Wind for 850 hPa, 700 hPa and Relative humidity.

28/08/2014 - 1 month after ... News

We published our new website on 29 July 2014, and have since received a lot of positive and some critical feedback.
We have since solved most remaining problems. If you still have problems of display or finding information, you will find advice on this FAQ page.
We very much appreciate all your contributions and welcome any further questions and suggestions.
Your meteoblue Team

29/07/2014 - New website 2014

Our new design is optimized for desktop computers as well as for mobile use using new functions:

These and more new functions are explained in more detail here. We appreciate your trust and any feedback, and wish you more good weather with meteoblue.
Your meteoblue Team

16/07/2014 - Try our next website!

You can test our new website at beta.meteoblue.com. We would appreciate your feedback to make meteoblue more user-friendly and our weather information yet more accessible for any place in the world.

02/05/2014 - Help: new design

Our products and Help pages have a new design and more information. A new navigation gives you yet easier and quicker access to pages of interest, such as FAQ, time dimensions, data-sources.
The product pages feature more offers for private and business, such as App and Web development, Solar, Agriculture, Weather archive. The technical documentation has been substantially expanded.
To find out what makes meteoblue a special weather provider, see "the difference". With new "Specials", we offer the weather for each stadium of the FIFA World Championship in Brazil.

29/04/2014 - South America at 10 km resolution

meteoblue launches a 10 km resolution weather forecast for South America with hourly detail through 7 days ahead. This is the most detailed weather forecast available on the web for this continent to date. Discover a new level of precision on our South America Maps and the detailed meteograms. You can see the difference between Copacabana and Corcovado as well the weather on the Aconcagua and at any other place in South America. We appreciate your suggestions on improvements achieved or necessary.

03/01/2014 - New year - news inside

meteoblue starts 2014 with more news. This year we globalize the weather in various dimensions: In October 2013, we have opened a unique global weather archive, followed by a global location search in November 2013. Now, we have started calculation of our own global weather model becoming the first private weather service in Europe to operate a global forecast model. This model provides forecast with a precision of 0.1°C (5%) better than the previous model, and enables special functions such as trajectories globally. As the year progresses, expect more precision, more features for forecasts and for past data, and more news. We wish all users a Good Year of 2014 and appreciate your suggestions. Your meteoblue team

23/12/2013 - More weather for Christmas 2013

Dear users, meteoblue opens the doors again for Christmas and extends to all users access to our premium Charts & Tools for 10 days free of charge. You can now check the snow level in the Alpes and the hourly weather anywhere in the world, including on the ocean. With our myMap Wind, you can explore the wind within hundreds of kilometers around you, and much more. You can browse the weather of the past, and take our forecast to your own website. More weather than ever before...
We thank all users for their visits and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Good Start into 2014.
Your meteoblue team

23/11/2013 - Global location search

meteoblue location search is now truly global: when you type a name into our location search, you will now receive a selection of all places in the world with similar names. Thereby, we fulfil a long standing wish of our users. With global location search, hourly forecasts, atmosphere data in 3-D "AIR", 5-year hourly data archive, meteoblue now offers access to precision weather information for any place and hour in the world for any time since 2008, accessible within seconds.
With meteoblue, Weather... is now really ☼ close to you.

29/10/2013 - New maps

Spain and Portugal, France, Italy and Austria are now bigger - our weather maps now cover these entire countries. And we have added weather maps for several new countries: Ireland, English Channel, Denmark, Poland, Czechia, Slovakia & Hungary, Bulgaria and Greece.
With these maps, we offer the highest resolution forecasts for precipitation, temperature, wind and risk available on the web.

04/10/2013 - Weather history - new archive

meteoblue opens the weather history, an archive of 5 years of weather data for every place in the world. The meteoblue archive contains hourly data for temperature, relative humidity, precipitation, cloudiness, sunshine, wind speed and direction. Data are shown as weekly, monthly and yearly diagrams.
With the meteoblue weather archive, we open a new dimension in time: you can now review what has happened in the past. With a point+ subscription, you can review the weather in hourly steps for any place where you have been during the previous 5 year.
Enjoy the weather history, and let us know what you think.

24/08/2013 - meteoblue @ Gordon Bennett 2013

meteoblue is supporting TEAM Swiss-02 at the prestigious Gordon Bennett 2013 gas balloon race.

29/07/2013 - Lightnings

We have enhanced our precipitation radar map by adding lightning strikes, based on precision data provided by www.nowcast.de. The lightning information is available for Central and Western Europe. Each lightning strike is displayed by an orange cross.

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